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Edvance Consultation Services

System & Network Vulnerability Assessment

The Service

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your network and system security condition. We have deep and practical experiences about latest network and system weaknesses currently exploited by hackers. Through this assessment, we will identify your network and system vulnerabilities that might lead to unauthorized access, disclosure and denial of services. 


Your business critical application runs on an integrated network of systems. The individual weaknesses present among the infrastructure components, such as operating systems or network devices, could be exploited by a malicious user for an attack. In view of the current IT infrastructure complexity, a vulnerability assessment is usually the most important part of an overall risk assessment. 


Through this service, we identify your network and system vulnerabilities through our comprehensive assessment methodology. Based on the scope, which could be Internet or Intranet portion of your infrastructure, with or without wireless components, our consultants will first take an in-depth look at systems’ configurations, and then scan the systems and network to be reviewed. We will identify as many vulnerabilities as possible in your infrastructures. The vulnerabilities are identified, analyzed, confirmed, and then documented. 


The system and network assessment engagement will be well managed by a professional project manager, who will take into consideration of your operational constraints. At the completion of the engagement, we will provide a detailed report, covering a list of prioritized vulnerabilities, descriptions and practical remedial actions recommended.