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Edvance Consultation Services

Penetration Testing

The Service

We target the vulnerabilities existing in your security infrastructure and web applications. Through our penetration testing activities, we uncover your weakness most likely to be exploited by malicious users. The detailed report following our service will provide detailed findings and recommendations, and will definitely help you protect yourself before the real attack. 


Over the life cycle of the web applications being deployed, regular check should be done. Penetration testing is one of the most effective means to identify the critical flaws and risks hidden in the codes. 


Therefore, our penetration testing service will focus on specific web and system vulnerabilities, with the goal of gaining access to sensitive systems, applications, and information. The testing does not rely on tool-based scanning only. On the contrary, our expert penetration testing team will be deeply involved over the engagement, playing the role of white hackers. 


Our structured methodology includes an initial reconnaissance of the vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and applications. Analysis will follow to cross review the vulnerabilities. The penetration testing team will attempt, in iterative manner, to gain access to critical system privileges and business information. As a result, the best avenue of attack to your security infrastructure and web applications will be uncovered. 


The web application security assessment engagement will be well managed by a professional project manager. Prior to the test, we will first understand your operation constraints and testing boundaries and timeframes. At the completion of the engagement, we will provide a detailed report, covering the detailed explanation of the exploits, descriptions and practical remedial actions recommended.