Tempered Networks

IDN Orchestration: The Conductor

Simple Point-and-Click Policy Based Orchestration

The Conductor is the orchestration engine that delivers centralized management of the IDN fabric and drives networking and security policies for HIP Services. As the intelligence behind an IDN deployment, the Conductor is designed to be extremely easy to use, even for staff without advanced technical training. You can now create hub-and-spoke or highly distributed mesh networks, without the traditional network challenges.

By automating network and security policies, it's easy to handle large scale deployments with thousands of devices across your hybrid data center, giving you better control of your entire enterprise network architecture. End-to-end or peer-to-peer encrypted networking, even for traditionally non-routable endpoints, is now possible and can be done in as little as three simple steps.

With the Conductor, you can:

  • Build resilient, scalable, on-demand networks in minutes
  • Provision, segment, revoke, and remediate resources 97% faster
  • Ease the time burden on IT admins and reduce CapEx and OpEx by up to 50%
  • Take the Conductor offline and network remains online. No traffic flows through it

Create Secure Network Overlays in Minutes


Creating communication policy is point-and-click simple by adding the devices you want to include and building explicit trust relationships by clicking the radio buttons. This simple process replaces the multiple steps typically required for security and network configuration by IT staff.

Visual Trust Map

The Visual Trust Map allows you to immediately validate communication policy. This feature helps you with regulatory compliance reporting and security audits.