Tempered Networks

IDN Enforcement Points: HIPswitches

Secure connectivity for machines

Get the flexibility you need to connect and protect endpoints in any environment — from IoT devices in far-flung remote locations to servers in your datacenter — with HIPswitch hardware appliances. Acting as an IDN gateway, you can easily connect and protect devices that can’t network or protect themselves.

With their integrated capabilities such as cellular modem with automatic failover, HIPswitches eliminate the need for customers to purchase multiple security and connectivity appliances to achieve secure connectivity over underlying IP networks. For example, instead of using costly ISDN or MPLS lines to securely communicate with equipment in remote locations, our customers are instead using cellular-enabled HIPswitches to communicate over cheaper public cellular networks.

HIPswitch 100 Series

The HIPswitch 100 series is the smallest form factor among our hardware line that is designed for remote and lightweight workloads with smaller throughput rates. Typically deployed in front of devices that cannot have software directly installed and cannot effectively protect themselves, the 100 series delivers inexpensive but flexible connectivity options for your enterprise.

HIPswitch 250 Series

A breakthrough in industrial enterprise IoT networking. The ruggedized HIPswitch 250 series is the most powerful and versatile platform among our small form factor products. It's port density, fast Ethernet, Serial over IP, single or dual cellular modem configuration as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE out) eliminates the cost and complexity of having separate Ethernet switches, VPNs, Firewalls, cellular modems/routers, and APNs.

HIPswitch 400 Series

The HIPswitch 400 series is a 1U rack-mounted networking platform that maximizes scalability, offering 8 standard Gigabit Ethernet ports and optional SFP and 10G SFP+ expansion modules. High availability (HA) configurations are also available for seamless failover of mission-critical workloads.