Cato Networks

Cato Cloud Network

A global, optimized and secure enterprise network backbone

A global, encrypted and optimized network of PoPs interconnected with tier-1 carrier links with multi-gigabit capacity. Unlike unmanaged internet connections, this backbone provides an MPLS-like guaranteed low-latency but at an affordable cost.

Global. Encrypted. Optimized.

The Cato Cloud Network is built on a globally distributed network of Points of Presence (PoPs). The PoPs are interconnected with an encrypted and optimized multi-carrier private backbone to ensure optimal global traffic routing. The Cato Cloud Network goes beyond high-latency or expensive WAN approaches to provide an affordable, low latency, global enterprise network backbone.

One Logical Network.

Cato holistically connects all network elements including branches, mobile users, physical and Cloud datacenters. Connectivity is dynamically established to the nearest PoP so “last mile” latency is minimized. Regardless of physical PoP connection, Cato creates a single logical abstraction of the enterprise network with full visibility and control of all network traffic.

Connecting to the Cato Cloud Network

  • Existing Equipment Configuration
    Admins can configure existing network and security equipment (routers / firewalls) to securely tunnel traffic to the Cato Cloud Network.
  • Cato Socket/VSOCKET and Cato Client
    Cato provides multiple tunneling solutions. The Cato Socket is a zero touch appliance for physical locations. The Cato vSocket a virtual socket for Public Cloud segment integration. The Cato Client is a software client for laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • ISP Redirection
    Subscribers of Cato’s partner ISPs enjoy seamless tunnleing of their traffic to the Cato Cloud Network.