Cato Networks

Cato Security Service

All Traffic Secured

Cato security services are deployed at each PoP and enforce the organization’s security policies on all traffic, including internal traffic between network participants and traffic going to and from the Internet.

Elastic. Flexible. Scalable

Without the constraints of physical appliances, Cato security services can scale to support business growth. Additionally, Cato experts seamlessly update the Cloud-based software to address emerging threats.

One Enterprise Policy

Security policies can be applied corporate wide or down to specific users and locations to secure access to both on premise application instances as well as Cloud applications such as Salesforce and Dropbox.

Cato Security Services

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Cloud-based next generation firewall that protects Internet, Cloud and WAN access at any location without hardware appliances or traffic backhaul. Seamlessly scales to support multi-gigabit traffic and upgrades with new capabilities and countermeasures against emerging threats.
  • VPN Access
    Optimizes VPN access for global travelers via dynamic session assignment to the nearest Cato PoP. Enables unified access control for enterprise on-premise and Cloud resources without connecting to specific locations and on-premise firewalls.
  • Wan Security
    Enables and controls access between remote offices, headquarters, Physical and Cloud data centers eliminating hub and spoke topology and the need to maintain distributed network security appliances.
  • Application Control
    Identifies and secures network access to on-premise and Cloud applications regardless of port, protocol and SSL. Enforces application-based policies for resource access, bandwidth usage and other contextual attributes such as time and location.
  • URL Filtering
    Integrated URL classification database that is continuously updated in the Cloud. Restricts access to categorized and reputable sites to reduce exposure to phishing schemes, drive-by-downloads and malware infections.
  • Cloud-based Management
    Provides in depth visibility into overall network activity by location, applications, groups and users. Admins can centrally configure application-aware policies to control resource usage and access, and be alerted to security and network events.