Tempered Networks

IDN Enforcement Points: HIPswitch Virtual and Cloud Series

Easily spin up and tear down VPC and VNET access controls

The HIPswitch Virtual acts as an overlay gateway that secures devices so they can be instantly networked with other HIPservice endpoints. By removing the limitations of IP-based networking, IDN makes it's easy to spin up and tear down public or private cloud networks instantly. You can now deploy separate segmented and automated environments for development, test, staging, and production, with secure access from anywhere in the world.

With HIPswitch for Cloud you can:

  • Leverage your existing cloud investments — HIPswitch for Cloud is available on AWS, Azure, Openstack, and Google
  • Deploy and maintain intra-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and cloud-to-datacenter communications — simply, quickly, and securely
  • Easily connect any device(s) — including non-routable devices, non-IP based protocols, and IoT endpoints — with the optional HIPrelay add-on