Carbon Black

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection

Multiple Prevention Options

Most endpoint prevention solutions require organizations to adopt a “one size fits all” security strategy, leaving systems under-protected and users frustrated. With Cb Enterprise Protection, you can find the proper balance between your organization’s culture and risk posture, and:

  • Choose from multiple layers of endpoint defense: Stop attacks with a variety of endpoint prevention options.
  • Dial-up/down: Flexible endpoint policies, under your control.
  • Implement the best choices to fit your culture and the different needs of users, lines of business and endpoints. One size does not fit all.


Automated Protection

Attackers are more sophisticated and persistent than ever, so security teams must automate to compete. Through powerful automation capabilities, Cb Enterprise Protection’s advanced policy and rules engine simplifies:

  • File analysis
  • Malware banning
  • File and application approval requests
  • Other tedious security processes


Total Platform Coverage

Malware can execute anywhere, so your security solution must have total coverage. With Cb Enterprise Protection, protect all your endpoints and servers across:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • On/off-network
  • End-of-life machines


United Defense

Knowledge is power. Cb Enterprise Protection provides organizations with:

  • United systems: Open APIs and dozens of partner integrations to work seamlessly with your existing security stack. Get the best of two worlds: best-of-breed and integrated security.
  • United knowledge: Consume behavioral patterns of attack, threat intelligence, code, etc., from experts. You also have the option to share your data with the community.
  • United experts: Combat attackers by leveraging the collective expertise of 10,000 experts from leading IR firms, MSSPs and enterprises.