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Aqua Security

Aqua Security was founded by IT security veterans from companies including Intel Security, CA Technologies, and Imperva. With containers being the next major disruption in datacenter and application technology, we recognized that containerized environments create new challenges in security, but also present an opportunity to reinvent application security – more effectively and more efficiently than ever.

The Container Security Challenge

Software containers (Docker and other formats) are rapidly being adopted in enterprise deployments, but present unique security challenges due to the scale, agility and open nature of the container operating environment.

Lack of visibility into container activity, isolating containers from each other, protecting kernel integrity, and maintaining granular user and network access controls are just some of the issues that need to be addressed in containerized applications. The rapid DevOps process that is often behind container deployments, as well as the inclusion of many open source components, require tight governance of the process from the development phase and beyond.

Aqua: Containers Security Made Simple

Aqua’s container security platform was architected specifically to address the challenges of visibility, control, isolation, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention in container environments, while remaining transparent and non-intrusive to DevOps, allowing organizations to reap the business benefits of containers without increasing their risk profile.

» Aqua Container Security Platform

    The Comprehensive Security Platform for Container-Based Applications

    Software containers represent unique security challenges, due to the scale, agility and open nature of container environments. Aqua’s platform is natively architected for containers, providing IT security with full visibility and control over container activity across the lifecycle, while remaining transparent and unintrusive to DevOps.

    • Full Visibility and Control: Gain visibility into container activity and enforce security policies
    • Integrated & Non-Intrusive: Automated security for the entire development-to-production lifecycle
    • Advanced Threat Mitigation: Protect against multiple attack scenarios, inside or outside the organization
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