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Contrast Security

Contrast Security is the world’s leading provider of security technology that enables software applications to protect themselves against cyberattacks, heralding the new era of self-protecting software. Contrast's patented deep security instrumentation is the breakthrough technology that enables highly accurate assessment and always-on protection of an entire application portfolio, without disruptive scanning or expensive security experts. Only Contrast has sensors that work actively inside applications to uncover vulnerabilities, prevent data breaches, and secure the entire enterprise from development, to operations, to production.

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Contrast ran the Benchmark, and the results were dramatic. The top commercial Static Application Security Testing (SAST) products had an accuracy score of 32%, and the worst scored 17%. For Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) products, the results were just as startling, with the top product scoring 17% and the worst 1%. 

In the case of Contrast, its True Positive Rate (TPR) was 100% and its False Positive Rate (FPR) of 0% on the latest OWASP Benchmark. Subtracting the FPR from the TPR yields a score of 100% for Contrast Assess.”

More details: https://www.contrastsecurity.com/owasp-benchmark


» Contrast Access

    Contrast Assess is the most accurate vulnerability analysis product ever created. Contrast operates transparently to automatically discover vulnerabilities in real-time across development, test, and production, without requiring experts, source code, or process changes.

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» Contrast Protect

    Contrast Protect provides unparalleled defense from within the application, viewing attacks the same way the application sees them. No network changes are required and, protection stays with the application wherever it is hosted.

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