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Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite

Flexible, All-in-One Industrial Cyber Security Solution

The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders, and human error. From threat detection and mitigation to asset tracking, vulnerability management, configuration control and device integrity checks, our ICS security capabilities maximize the safety and reliability of your operational environment.

Deployed as a network or virtual appliance, Indegy's agent-less solution offers comprehensive security tools and reports for IT security personnel and OT engineers. The Indegy Suite delivers crystal clear situational awareness across all sites and their respective OT assets - from Windows Servers to PLC backplanes - in a single pane of glass.


This is the core component of the Indegy Suite, responsible for analyzing network traffic data, performing Device Integrity checks, and aggregating sensors' data.


Optional, lightweight sensors provide full visibility into remote network segments by capturing, filtering and forwarding traffic to the Indegy Security Platform for further analysis.


Ideal for multi-site distributed environments, IEM enables enterprise-wide visibility and control by aggregating data from Indegy Security Platforms with centralized configuration and policy management.


The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite is delivered as an all-in-one turnkey appliance that plugs into the network without the use of agents. The Indegy Security Platform is available in 1U Rack form factor as well as a virtual appliance, while the Indegy Sensors come in both rack mounts or DIN-rail mount form factors.

Introducing Indegy CIRRUS

The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite now offers your organization a new deployment option for OT security. Indegy CIRRUS delivers cutting edge cloud technology for enhancing cybersecurity of OT networks. Whether you are seeking live threat intelligence data to reduce risk in your network, leverage the power of big data analysis for performance improvement on the operational side, or simply save on ownership costs by cutting down on physical and virtual appliances, this is the right solution for you.


» Threat Detection & Mitigation

    Monitors for both cyber threats and operational mistakes. It generates alerts based on detection of behavioral anomalies as well as predefined policy conditions.

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» Asset Tracking

    Provide you with a comprehensive up-to-date inventory of all assets in your network including dormant devices.

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» Vulnerability Management

    Receive periodic reports of risk levels for each of the assets in your ICS network. The reports enable you to delve deeply into the risk factors in the network and prioritize mitigation steps.

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» Configuration Control

    Tracks and logs all configuration changes, whether executed by a human user or by malware, over the network or physically on the device.

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» Enterprise Visibility

    Gain complete enterprise visibility by sending alerts directly to your SIEM as well as distributing them by email to the relevant parties.

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» Device Integrity

    Discovers, classifies and queries all ICS assets even when they aren't communicating in the network. Using patent-pending active detection technology, this addon option works conjointly with network sniffing by collecting information that is impossible to find in the network - yet crucial to protecting the OT environment.

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